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IBC exhibition

IBC2023 was held at the RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre in Amsterdam, Netherlands, from 15 to 18 September. IBC is the world’s most inspiring content and technology event. It draws together the global media, entertainment and technology industry for a compelling live experience that enables every attendee to gain critical insights, share expertise and unlock business opportunities. It attracted 43,065 attendees from 170 countries, celebrating business innovation and pushing new boundaries in media technology. As an industry-leading provider of smart terminal solutions, Newland joined IBC2023 with a variety of smart products and solutions, bringing a new audio-visual feast to global users.


In the exhibition, Newland focused on "whole-house intelligence" plus "content construction", created a smart home exhibition area. From FTTH/5G CPE access to Gigabit Wi-Fi 6 routers, then through mesh intelligent networking, all the terminals like cameras, smart boxes, all-in-one machines can be connected to the network, which demonstrated all the aspects of smart family. Newland’s smart products and solutions such as 8K smart boxes, smart multimedia call all-in-one machines, and network cameras equipped with edge computing attracted many visitors to experience and consult. Newland colleagues warmly received and patiently answered their questions and bring them to enjoy the convenience by intelligence.