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Fujian Newland C. S&T attended CCBN 2017.

The 3 days long Exhibition of China Content Broadcasting Network (abbreviated as CCBN 2017) began from Mar. 23rd, 2017 officially in Beijing. CCBN 2017, themed as: “Merged Vision, Smart Future”, reflected profoundly the totally new meaning arising from the deep merging and development of various broadcasting media. Newland C. S&T, growing together with the industry of Radio and Broadcasting over past decades, presented herself with latest high tech products and solutions as usual in booth 1A101.

With outer appearance of her booth being accentuated by luminescent materials which brought strong visual impact and a high-tech feeling, Newland has attracted crowds of spectators from the very beginning, and was considered a highlight of this exhibition. Within the brilliant roofs, Newland booth has been divided into 5 blocks for: Smart Terminal for the Integration of the Three Networks, Digital Emergency Broadcasting System, 700M Wireless Broadband Network Solution, Wireless Broadcast Coverage Solution, and Overseas Terminal Products.

Newland’s merged terminal products, such as the latest VR & high-end Game terminal exhibited in the area titled as “Merging of the three networks”, attracted flocks of both general visitors as well as industrial clients. Newland’s featured products for 2017, which is the outcome of close observing and studying of the developing trend of this industry, such as various products exhibited in the area titled as “Digital Emergency Broadcasting System” which were developed by Newland herself exclusively, & in the area titled as “700M Wireless Broadband Solution” which fully meets the needs of the emerging new generation of Radio & TV data network, became a hot spot and has been bombarded by numerous enquiries and questions from clients and operators.

This is the 10th time in a row Newland participated CCBN as a major exhibitor, and like always, Newland presented her latest technology, pioneering terminals, and platform solutions. Her efforts has been recognized and acknowledged by the CCBN organizing committee, and Newland has been awarded with honors such as “Best Innovative Design”, & “Best Ads Design”. CCBN truly witnessed the growing history of Newland.

At this moment of transition when challenges co-exists with opportunities, Newland will spare no effort for contributing to the development of this industry through win-win cooperation with partners for bringing up a better future for all.